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January 17, 2022

Two dead, four seriously injured in A1 crash

Two men died and another four were seriously injured yesterday in a road accident which occurred on Bucharest-Pitesti expressway, after a person drove his car over 30 km on the lane going into the opposite direction. The accident was prompted by a man aged 64 who entered the lane going into the opposite direction probably by mistake. His car collided with another vehicle which advanced regularly. The man responsible for the accident, and the passenger on the front right seat, a woman aged 63, died instantly. The four persons who were in the car driven regularly were badly injured, being carried to the hospitals from Gaiesti and from Pitesti. “We have to establish when the driver entered the Bucharest-Pitesti Expressway lane which goes into the opposite direction; the early investigations show that he was not a smart-alec, it was simply a mistake,” chief commissioner Emil Buican, head of A1 Road Police, declared.

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