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December 1, 2022

Gazprom inviting Transgaz to join South Stream – a hoax?

It is Transgaz, rather than the Romanian state, which received – as a corporate company – a formal invitation to join the South Stream energy project, Economy Minister Adriean Videanu said yesterday.“Transgaz received it (the invitation), as a corporate company. Only it did, not the state, nor other governmental institutions,” Videanu said. His comment referred to Gazprom allegedly denying a previous announcement by the economy minister, that Romania was formally invited to join South Stream.On the other hand, sources with Gazprom Export told HotNews on Friday that Gazprom sent Transgaz no official invitation to join the South Stream project. Also on Friday, Economy Ministry State Secretary Tudor Serban said Romania was not formally invited into South Stream.“Referring to the formal invitation you mentioned, I believe it does not exist. There were talks during the meeting with the vice-president of Gazprom, but all discussions I witnessed – at least official ones – only referred to exchanging mainly technical information about the place where the pipeline will cross the Black Sea and making available a whole range of measurements and information we have,” Serban said on RFI.Two weeks ago, Videanu told a press conference that Gazprom sent Romania an official invitation to join South Stream and suggested to Romanian authorities to cooperate with Romgaz Medias in the exploration and development of gas deposits abroad.

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