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April 20, 2021

2009 tax evasion equals two-year child allowances

ANAF inspectors, together with the customs officers and the Financial Squad commissioners last year notified the criminal pursuit authorities over a total prejudice of around EUR 1.36 bln, thus a tax evasion of around EUR 1.36 bln found out as a result of field inspections.

“This money could be used to pay allowances for all Romanian children for two and a half years, or pensions for almost two million persons,” ANAF president, Sorin Blejnar, said in an interview with RFI. At this moment, Sorin Blejnar says, VAT is a delicate segment from tax evasion standpoint. “In principle, I am speaking about VAT related to the intra-community acquisitions, especially vegetables, fruit, grains, meat and meat products. Of course, we have a VAT misuse connected with the price growth for imported products, especially consumer goods. Then we have a VAT misappropriation from previous years, as a result of natural person’s involvement in commercial operations, especially the real estate sector,” Sorin Blejnar explained with reference to budget revenues of the past year worth around EUR 38 bln, an amount which was not cashed because tax evasion represents around 3.6 per cent of the money collected to the general consolidated budget.

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