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September 19, 2019

Labour committee bars top magistrate from pension law debate

Mona Pivniceru, president of the Romania Magistrates Association (AMR) was not allowed to participate in the meeting of Senate’s Labour Committee debating pension law in the presence of Minister Mihai Seitan. The invoked reason was that her organization had not filed a written request. The request of the president of Magistrates’ Association was declined so Pivniceru had to leave the room.

The judge said retirement was part of the magistrate’s career regime, therefore the association she represented was an interested party in the debates in question. She added that, under the applicable law, magistrates may not have trade unions, they are not allowed to engage in many lucrative activities, their working time is unlimited and even the members of a magistrate’s family are subject to a variety of restrictions. According to Pivniceru, all such restrictions had been offset by the pension regulated by the magistrate’s career regime. The judge said the new pension law was ‘a guised way’ of cutting
all pensions.

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