Beligan’s “The Egoist” toured nationwide

Romanian living legend Radu Beligan has proven not only longevity, but an artistic energy that can transcend time limits. At 91, he will take his latest successful play on nationwide tour. Directed by Beligan himself and based on a Jean Anouilh play, “The Egoist” will be toured in the country as of March 15 until May 10.

The tour kicks off in Constanta and will conclude in Timisoara’s National Opera. “After more than 70 years of writing Romanian theatre history with passion and talent, Mister Beligan is now starting on a Guinness Book- worthy venture,” a press release from tour organizers reads. Born on December 14 1918, Radu Beligan was born in Bacau, Romania, in a Greek family. Along the years, he has managed to build for himself one of the longest-running and prolific theatre and movie careers in Romania. As a young man, he studied Law and Philosophy in Bucharest. At the age of 20 he appeared on stage in Dostoievski’s “Crime and Punishment” at the Liedertafel-Alhambra-Regina Maria theatre in Bucharest. In more than seven decades spent on stage, the actor has developed an impressive theatre, film, television and radio activity, making himself recognized by means of famous parts from Romanian, as well as world literature. He was a student of Lucia Sturdza Bulandra at the Royal Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and upon graduation performed in numerous theatres across Romania. The artist has played more than 80 theatre characters and 30 filom ones. Between 1971 and 1977 he served as President of the International Theatre Institute ITI, UNESCO. In 1979, he was elected Honorary President for life of the ITI. In 2002, Beligan received a Legion of Honour nod from France President Jacques Chirac.

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