Emergency service for animals in Bucharest

According to ‘Evenimentul Zilei’ daily, a new animal protection and rescue service could start operating in Bucharest as of April 30. Arguing that for years the Bucharest authorities have vainly wasted funds running into hundreds of millions of Euros in an effort to solve the stray animals’ issue, General Mayor Sorin Oprescu has decided to shut down the Authority for the Supervision of Stray Dogs that was subordinate to his office.

According to a draft Council decision that will be put up for public debate starting on April 30, the Authority should be replaced by an institution ‘at international standards.’ The latter would be tasked not only with ‘counting’ and monitoring stray dogs and cats in Bucharest but also with offering free emergency medical assistance for all the domesticated animals and pets in Bucharest: horses, cows, monkeys, iguanas, snakes and turtles.

Basically, apart from identifying, neutering and vaccinating all ‘cats, dogs and household animals,’ a part of the new institution’s employees will work within a Veterinary Police department whose mission will be to ‘check the situation of animals that are unaccompanied in the public space,’ with the stray animals set to be taken to shelters. Moreover, the service will have six ‘mobile units’ – one for each District – endowed with high-performance ambulances and doctors ready to offer the first aid to any sick animal.

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