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May 24, 2022

Nastase slams Basescu over ‘sold fleet’

Ex PM Adrian Nastase yesterday attacked President Traian Basescu over his alleged involvement in the ‘Fleet’ case pertaining to the sale of several Romanian Navy vessels. In a blog entry online Nastase wrote the Romanian Navy’s former outpost in Anvers, where Basescu “watched over Romania’s commercial fleet” for years, should include a commemorative plaque in memory of the lost fleet. “I didn’t get to tell you of my trip to Belgium at the end of last week, the visit to Anvers, on the trail of Traian Basescu. I got to the city with my fellow lawmakers, in a cold, bad weather. When I got there, my first thought was to go visit the NAVROM headquarters. (…) I was thinking we should have a commemorative plaque there. Unfortunately, I gather the HQ isn’t there anymore. The reasons are easy to understand,” Nastase wrote.

Before becoming president, Basescu was close to being indicted for his alleged involvement in the ‘fleet sale’ case. Investigations against him were temporarily suspended because the head of state benefits from immunity.

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