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May 16, 2021

Mayor invents new road sign for drunks

In order to ‘protect’ people who have had one glass too many and also to spare motorists of trouble, Petru Antal, the mayor of a town in the Arad County called Pecica, has posted really unusual traffic signs. ‘Evenimentul zilei’ daily says the new road signs can be seen in the vicinity of pubs and restaurants. The traffic signs have a rather humorous message, reading in red markings ‘Caution! Blasted individuals!’, and adding design of a man falling on his all fours while dropping a bottle. The town has already got ten such markers posted next to main pubs and restaurants. Some think it’s a modern adaptation of older traffic signs such as ‘Deer Crossing!’ or ‘Cows Crossing!’ One thing is certain: after leaving most motorists baffled in a first instance, the new traffic signs always bring a smile on people’s faces.

The town of Pecica is located 25 Km West of Arad City, on National Road 7 leading to the Nadlac border crossing point and has a population of 15,000. Up until 2004, when it was made a town, it had been the country’s largest rural locality.

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