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September 30, 2022

Antonescu more interested in next legislative elections

PNL president Crin Antonescu stated on Monday evening on Antena 3 TV channel that Dinu Patriciu and Viorel Catarama unpleasantly surprised him by dining together after the Liberals’ congress. Asked for his comments on the photographs published by a tabloid and showing Patriciu and Catarama dining together, Antonescu replied: ‘I wouldn’t want to be melodramatic but I have to admit it’s an unpleasant surprise.’ ‘I am slightly disappointed. Without barging in people’s private life, I have to say that as a Liberal I really wouldn’t have dined with Catarama that evening,’ Crin Antonescu stated. Asked whether he thinks Catarama was on a mission during the PNL Congress, Antonescu said that he has no elements that would support that assertion. He nevertheless stated that he suspects Catarama is an intelligence service agent and that he behaved during the PNL Congress ‘as a member of the Securitate.’ Asked whether Patriciu would have had an interest in backing Catarama, Antonescu rejected the idea. ‘Anyway, Dinu Patriciu’s influence is ridiculously exaggerated’ the Liberal leader concluded.

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