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January 17, 2021

German Film Days kick off in the capital

Over ten documentaries, animation films and works of fiction of recent German cinema will be screened at the Peasant Museum cinema until Sunday.

Movie fans will get the chance to watch some of the most recent German productions, as the German Film Festival in Bucharest, on March 11-14, according to a press release from organizers. The event is organized by the Romanian Director’s New Movie Theatre within the Romanian Peasant Museum, in collaboration with the German Embassy and the Romanian Cultural Institute.

Starting tomorrow, viewers will be offered a journey into the creative universe of contemporary German movie-making. All films included in the festival, from animation productions to documentaries and works of fiction, will be shown at the Peasant Museum’s cinema, with Romanian subtitles.

More information, including a film schedule, can be found on the websites www.ncrr.ro and www.icr.ro. Tickets can be purchased on the spot, from the movie theater and cost up to RON 10.

The festival’s highlights will include ‘Alle Anderen’ (‘Everyone Else’) (photo), directed by Maren Ade, ‘Kirschbluten – Hanami’ (‘Cherry Blossoms’), by Doris Dorrie, documentary ‘Pianomania’ by Lilian Franck and Robert Cibis and Vivian Naefe’s two-part adaptation of Cornelia Funke novels, ‘Die Wilden Huehner’ (‘Wild Chicks’) and ‘Die wilden Huehner und die Liebe (‘Wild Chicks in Love’).

‘Everyone Else’ is essentially an intense two-hander, with supporting roles, about a mismatched couple whose introspective romance reaches an understated crisis while on holiday. Set in Sardinia, the film traces the relationship between architect Chris and his apparently newish girlfriend Gitti. Chris is failing to flourish at his work – largely, it seems, as a result of his self-pitying hesitancy, which sometimes passes as idealism, although Gitti sees through it. The couple lead an insular life, acting out private micro-dramas, and generally being disparaging about the other ‘normal’ people they prefer to avoid. The film was screened at numerous festivals in Europe, the United States and Canada and Ade won the jury’s grand prize in the 2009 Berlin Festival, while female lead Birgit Minichmayr won the Silver Bear for Best Actress.

Naefe’s ‘Wild Chicks’ was a commercial success, drawing 1.15 million visitors into the cinemas, and won the “Younger Audience Award for Best Film” prize in Leeds, while actress Paula Riemann won the Undine Award (German film prize for teenage actors) for “best comedienne”. The successor, ‘Wild Chicks in Love’ was also a success, drawing about one million visitors in Germany. Funke herself was “very pleased” with the film adaptations.

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