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October 28, 2020

Obese man undergoes stomach reduction surgery

‘SF. Ioan’ Hospital doctors have reduced by 80 per cent the stomach capacity of a patient weighing over 300 kilos and created a gastric sleeve.

‘It is one of the latest obesity surgery methods most widely used in Europe. I have operated on more than a thousand patients using the method with good results, my last patient actually having the most significant body weight. The stomach stapling method consists of reducing 80 per cent of capacity and creating a gastric sleeve, thus preventing patients from eating the way they used to’, Dr. Ioan Capacescu said. According to him, the patient could be discharged at the end of the week, but the success of the surgery can only be ascertained six months later, as the patient ought to reach a body weight smaller than 200 kilos. During his stay in hospital, the man lost a few kilos, as a mandatory requirement for the procedure, the surgeon also explained. Twelve hours after surgery the patient is feeling fine, Dr. Capacescu said. The 47-year-old patient lives in Sector 2, Bucharest, and was taken to hospital with the support of Sector 2 local authorities two weeks ago. At the end of January, the man had been examined by the Sector 2 Social Ambulance Service at home. He received the diagnosis of morbid obesity.

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