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June 26, 2022

Art Biennale to open on May 21

Six Romanian artists will be featured in the fourth edition of the Bucharest Contemporary Art Biennale in May. Among them, Elena Ciobanu, Stefan Constantinescu, Ion Grigorescu, Marcel Iancu, Florin Tudor and Mona Vatamanu. This year, 37 breakthrough artists from around the world will have a chance of exhibiting their work throughout Bucharest venues. The biennale kicks off on May 21 and concludes on July 25, mainly unfolding in unconventional, independent spaces for art, such as Unicredit Pavilion, University Square Introspection Centre, Rahova Uranus’ La Bomba Centre, in an attempt to bring various forms of artistic expression closer to the public. This year the event is curated by German critic Felix Vogel who says “the main purpose of the event is stimulating cultural exchange within Europe.” As theme, organizers have chosen a word with a large palette of significance, Handlung- a German word that is impossible to translate but has a meaning very close to storytelling. Thus, the scope of this event is mainly that of telling a story through different artistic means. “The Biennale will try to raise questions, rather than answer them,” Vogel said. “It will also show there are several answers possible to any question.” Felix Vogel is curator and art teacher in Berlin. In his studies, he is interested in showing the connection between art and society.

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