President refuses honorary title from Scientists Academy

The head of state has announced that he cannot accept the honorary membership title the Academy of Romanian Scientists (AOSR) had offered him last Thursday. According to a presidential office press release on Friday, Traian Basescu considers he could not accept the honorary membership title, on account of his doing his presidential duty of offering headquarters and promulgating law for the AOSR. ‘President Traian Basescu considers that offering headquarters and promulgating a law are duties that should not be rewarded with academic titles. The President thanks the members of AOSR for their initiative but he cannot accept the honorary membership of AOSR on account of the aforementioned reasons,’ reads the release. Former Head of State Ion Iliescu replied that Basescu did ‘the right thing’ when refusing the title. Iliescu had previously stated he does not know what the scientific basis of AOSR’s decision could be; he had also hinted at the fact that this used to be how the Ceausescu’s entered the Academy too.

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