Forensic Institute to have final say in work exhaustion death

The medical team of Bucharest’s SUUB (Emergency University Hospital) where Ramona Circiu died on Saturday blame myocarditis but insist a final say in the matter will belong to Mina Minovici Forensic Instititute. The woman died on Saturday evening, following a four-day coma. She collapsed while at work, and first suspicions are that she was subject to stress at work.

In their turn, Labor Inspection agents have initiated an investigation with the employing company, Ipsos Interactive Services, but company representatives have required for several more days until a case file can be finalized. The employer says their own investigation is under way but it cannot be complete without the forensic report pointing to the cause of death.

According to Constantin Bujor, chief- inspector with the Labor Department, yesterday several of Ramona Circiu’s colleagues were interviewed by labor inspectors. Currently, three investigations are underway in the matter: from Labor Inspection, the Prosecutors’ Office and the employing company.

According to information issued yesterday by Mediafax, the 6 sector prosecutors’ office has identified a lineup of possible witnesses from both Circiu’s work colleagues and the medics team that took care of her last week.

The company, Ipsos Interactive also said that, according to electronic check-in system the woman was not spending at work more than the normal amount of work hours. Also, a medics’ regular check in December, organized by the company showed Ramona was in good health. Circiu was working for almost eight years with the multinational company.

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