Geoana: Nabucco Agreement ratified by Senate last week

Senate Speaker Mircea Geoana said in a blog post that the Nabucco Agreement was ratified by the chamber he heads last week and that Senate is the chamber that has the final decision in the matter. His comments, posted “for the correct information of the president,” referred to head of state Traian Basescu’s criticism the previous day that Romania has not yet ratified the Nabucco deal. “Strangely enough, President Traian Basescu has suggested that Parliament was blocking the Nabucco project and asked parties to expedite the agreement’s ratification. Either the president is not well informed, which is a serious matter, or he is consciously conducting a negative campaign against the Romanian Parliament on purpose, which is just as serious. For the correct information of the president, I must emphasise that the Nabucco Agreement was ratified by the Senate, the chamber that has the final say in the matter, last week. We are now waiting for the term allowed for contestations at the Constitutional Court to expire. Afterwards, we will send the agreement to the president for promulgation. So where exactly has the project been blocked?” Geoana writes on his blog. At the Cotroceni talks and at his press statement afterwards, the head of state said, “We are the only country still with a consistent position on Nabucco and the agreement is in Parliament pending ratification.

Despite all this, we are the only signatory party to the agreement that has not ratified it. I believe we have a political difficulty at a European level already.”

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