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March 24, 2023

PM Boc warns against putting off reforms

In a Parliament speech yesterday, Premier Emil Boc warned against putting off reforms. His speech, aimed at naming new measures to fight the economic crisis, mostly included issues related to already approved decisions and actions.

Boc said his message is meant to consolidate current achievements and leave aside demagogy and populist actions. “What would happen if we satisfied some group interests? We would fulfill only several tasks but not general interests,” Boc told lawmakers. The prime minister also speculated over the issue of increasing pensions by 200 per cent, saying that a better standard of living would be achieved only for a month or two. “Such a decision would not be a responsible one. It would lead to a high invoice for Romanians now and for next generations. (…) Putting to a halt the current reforms would mean pushing Romania to the edge of the cliff. Continuing reforms means a way out of recession and economic stability, seeing a sound future on medium and long term. It also means healthy economic growth, not one based only on consumption,” PM Boc said.

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