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June 22, 2021

Romtelecom launches TV on demand this year

By the end of the year, landline phone operator Romtelecom will launch a TV service enabling customers to order specific films or TV programmes in a pay per view system. The operator’s CEO Yorgos Ioannidis says the company will add extra options the following months, including the ‘Catch up TV’ service, Mediafax reports. Romtelecom data shows its Dolce Interactiv TV service using IPTV technology allows customers to view approximately 200 films, documentaries and concerts on demand. At the end of last year, Romtelecom released its Dolce Interactiv IPTV service in ten cities, addressing customers who have a landline subscription and broadband internet connection with minimum 8 Mbps data transfer speed. On March 22, Romtelecom will launch a new suite of broadband internet access with speeds from 2 to 100 Mbps at a monthly charge starting from EUR 2.9. In respect of earnings, Ioannidis said they would get better this year compared to 2009, when they fell by 7.2 per cent, and that it was impossible for anyone to make an accurate prognosis in the current competitive environment. “It is very difficult for us to predict anything accurately for 2010, because the performance of the relevant market is influenced by very many parameters,” the Romtelecom official said.

Ioannidis further said he was disquieted by new Romtelecom network access tariffs proposed by relevant regulating authorities, which he finds to be very low compared to the investment made. On the other hand, Romtelecom is not considering any further personnel externalisation unless the competitive environment and the company’s trend require such measures, Ioannidis said.

At the beginning of the year, Romtelecom transferred to Ericsson Romania about 400 employees from the Commutation and Power Supply departments, under a five-year agreement. In addition, Ioannidis gave assurances that current financial difficulties in Greece would not affect Romtelecom’s activity, because the company has enough liquidity.

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