Democrat-Liberal MP proposes anti-cloning law

Democrat-Liberal Deputy Marius Dugulescu proposed a bill banning cloning and biomedical applications infringing on human dignity. Dugulescu told a press conference yesterday that a Human Dignity sub-commission was set up as part of the human rights committee, with the anti-cloning bill being its first legislative proposal. The deputy says the bill is grounded in the ‘observance of human rights’ and seeks to align national biomedical legislation with European directives. The project also seeks to fill the legislative void on banning cloning for both reproductive and therapeutic purposes. Dugulescu views the bill as an answer to imperatives resulting from the UN Declaration on Human Cloning passed March 16, 2005, which calls on all member state governments to ban all forms of human cloning, including techniques used in human stem cell research, as they are “incompatible with human dignity and protection of human life.”

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