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September 28, 2021

New section in Sibiu International Theatre Festival

This year’s edition of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival will include a new section, ‘Heritage,’ which will gather the local theatre’s most popular plays, such as ‘Faust’ and ‘Electra,’ Mediafax reports.

“There have been several shows over the years which sold well and helped out image. I tried to make a combination between the best sold plays abroad and those that are in high demand during the festival,” Sibiu ‘Radu Stanca’ Theatre manager Constantin Chiriac told a press conference. The theatre is the main organiser of the festival. Chiriac explained that this year, the section will include a series of celebrated performances, such as Silviu Purcarete’s ‘Faust’ and ‘Electra’ but also Mihai Manutiu’s ‘Metamorphoses.’ “There will be only one staging per show because the theatre’s actors will be very busy at the time, since we will also have several premieres within the festival. But I wanted the audience to be able to watch some of our most popular plays,” Chiriac added. The International Theatre Festival in Sibiu will be held on may 28-June 6, under the general motto, ‘Questions.’ The event will bring together participants from 70 countries and will include 350 shows in 66 locations, expecting to attract 35,000 people every day.

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