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February 1, 2023

Iasi store stampede prompts gendarme intervention

Hundreds of people got caught in a stampede at the opening of a utility store in Iasi, with many of the shelves being ransacked in the process. Managers had to call gendarmes to intervene, and closed the store for half an hour. Mr. Bricolage utility store in Iasi opened for the first time Thursday, 9:00 am, with scores of customers waiting since as early as 4:00 am for the store to open, keen on taking advantage of inaugural promotions. Once the store opened, scuffles occurred, and some customers even climbed on top of shelves and started throwing merchandise down on the floor.

“Mr. Bricolage security staff called for our support given the large crowd thrusting one another in front of the store. A gendarme crew was sent to the scene and stayed in the store for an hour, managing to restore order. Still, it’s good more serious incidents did not happen, and that nobody was injured,” Mediafax quoted Iasi Gendarmerie spokesman Mihai Cojocariu as saying.

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