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October 22, 2021

Capital pays on pest control 28 times more than Budapest

Local administration has spent three to 28 times more on pest control last year than Budapest, Romania Libera informs. For mosquito disinsection, for instance, spending was 28 times bigger, while rat control was three times more expensive than in Hungary’s capital.

The daily shows the sum Capital administration has paid a servicing company, 3D Romania, only for mosquito disinsection amounted to EUR 4.4 M, while rat control cost EUR 2.5 M from Bucharest inhabitants’ pockets. According to a contract from 1996, the Mayor Administration pays an average of EUR 7 M to the company on a yearly basis. By means of six additional acts, the contract was extended for 14 more years, and the total annual pay raised to EUR 7.7 M. Per total, in 13 years and a half, the company has received from local Bucharest administration over EUR 70 M.

The contract extensions, Romania Libera shows, were made without previous public auctions and were signed by Vice-Mayor Victor Iovici.

“When the contract was signed, “Iovici explains, quoted by Romania Libera, “Mayor Oprescu was in election campaign. Also, the Acquisition section took care of the contract, I only got to sign it. I did not negotiate the EUR 7 M sum myself; it was established following public tender 14 years ago.”

In the meantime, in Budapest, a similarly big neighboring capital, a pest control contract does not exceed EUR 160,000 per year. “Our company has won a four year contract with Budapest administration,” said Lorincz Arpad, manager of a pest control company, quoted by Romania Libera. Also, rat control amounts to EUR 700,000 per year.

Asked to comment the large difference in costs, Vice-Mayor Iovici says: “I have no idea how these services are provided, all I know is we were asked to get rid of rats and mosquitoes, and we did that.” The servicing company explains :“the contract is atypical, and cost differences can only be explain in the fact that pest control is done on various stages in every city, with parameters to be met.” Also, the company manager Andrei Leca, quoted by Romania Libera says the total amount received from local administration does not in any case raise to EUR 70 M but rather to EUR 60 M.

General Mayor Sorin Oprescu did not comment on the issue, according to a press release from his office. Instead, he has started an interior inquiry on the matter.

Mayor re-launches green capital project for 2010

A new stage of the “Capital grows green” project was yesterday initiated by General Mayor Oprescu. The project, aiming to increase green space areas and to clean the air in Bucharest will last until October. A component of the project will be dealing with educating Bucharest inhabitants to take care of the exterior spaces as well, to raise awareness on environment issues.

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