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December 9, 2022

Poland targets 3.0 pc economic growth rate

Polish Ambassador to Bucharest Wojciech Zaj?czkowski said in a press meeting that 2009 had been a very god economic year for his country that recorded EU’s highest GDP growth rate– 1.7 per cent. The main sectors supporting economic growth in Poland were services (accounting for 65 per cent), industry (32 per cent) and farming (3 per cent). However, one crucial factor in the growth of the Polish economy was net export. An AT Kearney Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index report places the country in position number six in respect of investment activity in 2010. Romania is ranked 16th.

Zaj?czkowski anticipates a GDP growth by 3.0 per cent, 11.8 per cent bigger export and 13.2 per cent bigger import in 2010. FDI amounted to EUR 8.384 bln, with over 90 per cent of it being made by EU-based investors. The biggest investing companies in Poland are from Germany, the Netherlands and Luxemburg. According to Zaj?czkowski, “privatization is often the best method for increasing a company’s competitiveness. It is often connected to restructuring, cost reduction and cost adaptation and often ring the company concrete capital, technology and know-how. In Poland the privatization of different branches is more diverse than in the other countries. In the main branches (industrial processing, construction, trade), the share of private companies is over 95%. Polish state share in different sectors, according to the revenues in the sector, are: mining and metallurgy – 52%, energy – 85%, transport – 65% and chemical industry – 30%”.

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