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March 27, 2023

Romanian – official language in R. of Moldova?

A new Moldovan Constitution draft unveiled by the constitutional reform commission on Saturday stipulates that Romanian shall be the official language of the state, that the president shall be elected by universal direct voting and that young people will be allowed to vote from the age of 16, ‘Jurnal de Chisinau’ online reports. Info-Prim Neo website also reports that the new Constitution may only be adopted by the people and amended either by referendum or by Parliament.

The new draft Constitution produced by the commission changes the article on the official language of the state into Romanian. Constitutional law experts have offered two versions of the official language article. The first one states the official language is Romanian and the second one that “the official language of the Republic of Moldova shall be established by organic act.” Another provision sets minimum voting age to 16. “The age of legal maturity remains 18, but the age of political maturity will be lowered to 16,” the head of the constitutional reform commission, Victor Popa, explained. According to the draft Constitution, the president of the republic is elected by universal direct voting rather than by proxies (Parliament under the current Moldovan Constitution) and may be dismissed before the expiration date of his term in office by referendum. These changes may turn R. Moldova into a semi-presidential republic. The president will continue to be elected for a four-year term and the minimum age to serve as president is 40 years.

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