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October 23, 2021

‘Let’s do it’ environment project launched in Romania

The project consists of clearing up waste throughout the country, minus cities, in a single day.

‘Let’s do it!’, an environment project successfully applied in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Portugal, will take place in Romania on September 25. During the project launch press conference yesterday, Environment Minister Laszlo Borbely offered his support for this project that seeks to collect and recycle the trash littering Romania’s natural areas.

‘Let’s do it, let’s clean Romania. We have the chance to clean Romania of waste in a single day,’ Minister Laszlo Borbely stated for ‘Evenimentul Zilei.’ The action is mostly based on volunteers with Borbely hoping that ‘millions of Romanians’ will take part in the project. ‘Estonia had several hundred thousand participants, we should come up with one million,’ the Minister opined. Estonia, a country with a population of 1.3 million and a surface of 45,000 square kilometers, managed to get rid of all litter in a single day in 2008. The model was adopted by Lithuania and Latvia and on March 20, 2009, by Portugal.

‘The problem is what we will be doing with Romania after that day in September,’ Borbely said, opining that ecologic education in Romania is still inefficient. The Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport has announced, through project advisor Alina Moisescu, that the Romanian schools will support the project. ‘We will encourage the students to take part in this program alongside their parents and teachers,’ the Ministry’s representative stated for ‘Evenimentul Zilei’ daily. The action will take place on a Saturday, a day when school is off.

Piles of waste have been discovered in Ilfov County for the time being, with Cluj and Arges Counties set to be screened next. 60 piles of garbage have been discovered on a surface of 200 square kilometers in Ilfov. ‘A pile of litter could be a two square kilometers area full of litter or a usual small pile,’ Tudor Jitianu stated.

The ‘Let’s do it, Romania!’ actions will focus on areas outside cities and localities. ‘They won’t take place in the cities too. We will focus only on natural areas that have a litter problem, many of them being tourist areas,’ Mihai Dragota stated. The garbage disposal companies are fully responsible for cleaning urban areas.

‘Let’s do it, Romania!’ plans to draw in a huge number of volunteers and the support of public authorities and NGOs. A litter map will be made based on the information sent by volunteers from each County. The map will be used on September 25 when the project coordinators and their teams will go out to collect the litter. 20 collection centers will be organized in each County. Each volunteer will collect garbage in separate bags (for paper, plastics, metal objects, and household litter) and will take it to the nearest collection center. From there the litter will be taken to recycling centers or garbage dumps.

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