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May 12, 2021

21 December Association leader stops hunger strike, lustration law to pass

The leader of the December 21, 1989 Association, Teodor Maries, announced he was stopping his hunger strike, after a meeting with Chamber of Deputies Speaker Roberta Anastase yesterday, during which a definite timetable was set for passage of the lustration law, which is expected to go through Parliament by May 20.

The Chamber of Deputies speaker called yesterday’s discussion technical adding it will be followed by similar talks April 13, when lustration law will be discussed with ‘amendments on the table’. “I hope to have a fair lustration law adopted on May 20. We will amend the Senate-passed version of the law, which NGOs called window-dressing. We hold Standing Bureau majority, with PNL lawmakers alongside us, and this will help us solve this issue fast,” Anastase said, according to Mediafax.

Maries said he had been on hunger strike for 78 days, January 12 through yesterday, and he weighs 52 kilos now. The association leader said his previous hunger strike went on for 74 days.

Former president Ion Iliescu argued yesterday, in a debate, that lustration law, which is supposed to ban former communist activists from public office, if passed at this juncture, may be assimilated to a “Ceausescu-style” law, which does not belong in a democratic context. He added that the law may even affect President Traian Basescu. Iliescu read out a piece of news from press agencies regarding the statement made by Deputies’ Speaker Anastase.

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