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May 8, 2021

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Graphic art and sculpture at Sector 3 City Hall

The exhibition ““Passages- lyrical and visual interpretation””, which includes paintings, works of graphic art and sculptures, was opened, on Tuesday evening, at the Sector 3 City Hall in the capital. Meant to celebrate 40 years since the institutional acknowledgement of Francophony, the exhibition includes works by Laura Mihalca – geometric and descriptive painting, Mihaela Chiselita – impressionist and symbolist painting, Bebu Dura – modern sculptures, George Tincoca – works of graphic art, created using mixed techniques.

“An exhibition of painting, sculpture and graphic art, placed under the emblem of early 20th century French art and surrealist French poetry,” Professor Ruxandra Demetrescu described the event at the Sector 3 City Hall. The artists’ works express the subjective reception of a time (late 19th century, early and mid-20th century), of certain culture and civilization phenomena. “The French poems that inspired the paintings represent the structuring element of the entire exhibition. Each work has as its subject and starting point a French poem.

The artists relied on synaesthesiae and consonances between themes and motifs, between ideas and media, all to the purpose of expressing as sincerely and deeply as humanly possible the message,” the curator Laura Lucia Mihalca said. The exhibition “Passages- lyrical and visual interpretation” can be visited between March 29 and April 6.

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