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May 22, 2022

Elena Basescu’s boyfriend gives up ministry post after ‘media lynching’

Bogdan Ionescu, Elena Basescu’s boyfriend, announced on Saturday his decision to renounce his position within the Ministry of Economy, while accusing two media trusts of “media lynching”.

Earlier, the ministry had made a similar announcement. “The unprofessional editing policy of the two press trusts is proved by (…) their carefree dissemination of false information (the information that the said examination had not been public, that I had not had the necessary abilities to acquire the position, that I had already been appointed in a different position)”, Ionescu argued, quoted by “Gandul”. His comments came as both Realitatea TV and Antena 3 reported last week that Ionescu obtained an economy secretary job at Romania’s embassy in France without being able to answer all questions in the interview. Moreover, the two TV channels said the vacant position was kept secret and Ionescu was the only applicant.

Ionescu also said he was a graduate of a French university, where he was trained in international relations and diplomacy, that he can speak two foreign languages fluently, and that, through his activity in the field of economy, he was thoroughly familiarised with Romanian economy potential.

“Consequently, while convinced that media lynching could never supplant the truth, I publicly announce my decision to renounce my position as Assisting Expert with the General Direction for Foreign Affairs within the Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business Environment,” Ionescu further said.

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