Two more Liberals leaving party for PDL

A former secretary general in the Calin Popescu Tariceanu government, Gabriel Berca, announced his resignation from the National Liberal Party and his decision to join the ruling Democrat Liberals’ parliamentary group. He was joined by Deputy Mihai Banu, who was rumoured to want to leave for several months. Berca said he decided to join the PDL after several talks with two prominent Democrat Liberal members, Vasile Blaga and Gheorghe Flutur. Berca explained that his intention to leave was based on his conflicting relationship with PNL Bacau, in which he was a member. “I had a brief phone talk with (Liberal leader) Crin Antonescu and told him that regardless of my political career, I will respect him as a human being, but there is some sort of indifference to local structures. I asked Antonescu to have a talk with me and the head of PDL Bacau. I had a good collaboration with Bucharest colleagues,” Berca told Realitatea TV. The senator added that he might take over leadership of PDL Bacau. “The issue was brought up at a certain point and if it goes anywhere, it will be a real challenge for me. But this is not why I left PNL. My decision comes after several months of hard thinking,” Berca added. In turn, Banu’s decision came after several months of rumours that he might decide to join the ruling party.

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