Udrea: I won’t run for president in 2014

In a posting on her personal blog, Development and Tourism Minister Elena Udrea said she would not be the female candidate to stand in the 2014 presidential election, given the early stage of her political career, yet, she believes a ‘resolute, intelligent’ woman may someday become this country’s president. She also provided some insight into her previous statement saying that what Romania needs is an enlightened dictatorship. “The dictatorship of the law emerges when politicians are aware of their role in society, the responsibilities they hold and the need to think of the people they belong to rather than their own material wellbeing. This is the only way to have good laws, aimed at serving the general, and not personal, interest. It is only then that we will have truly punitive laws, closer to the needs of a country where corruption continues to have its own way. The dictatorship of the law needs strong, authoritarian people able to assume their own decisions. The more they are, the better,” Udrea said.

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