Independents’ party – made up of experts on state trading

The Party of the Independents led by General Gabriel Oprea has become a place of assembly for businesspeople who are both vulnerable to blackmail and on the verge of the precipice, ‘Financiarul’ writes. One of them is Culita Tarata who’s keeping his 56,000 hectares on Insula Mare a Brailei with the help of the Public Estates Agency (ADS). There is also an unknown party member by the name of Laurentiu Chirvasuta with a rather tainted reputation: he is being chased by both private creditors and the state. The most exotic businessman is Razvan Turea who had been a co-partner in Onyx Spa Relaxare – company running a shanghai massage and relaxation salon appreciated by a significant number of MPs- alongside the ‘father’ of the violet flame. In spite of everything else, the Boc Cabinet preserves frail majority in Parliament with the help of the Independents’ Party.

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