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May 8, 2021

Medgidia railway station robbed off RON 3,000

The cash register at Medgidia railway station was robbed by two balaclava-wearing persons early on Wednesday. Robbers made off with about RON 3,000 from ticket sales. The cashier escaped unharmed.

Mediafax quoted Constanta Transport Police spokeswoman Cerasela Miron as saying the two robbers, wearing balaclavas, broke into the cash register booth at about 1.00 am Wednesday, making off with the day’s cash without hurting the female cash register operator.

She told the police that while on the job, she heard a boom and upon approaching the door, it was broken open and she was pushed to the floor. One of the attackers covered her face with one of his hands, while the other robber went to the cash register, took the money, then both of them fled the scene.

The cashier was unable to sketch how the robbers looked, aside from their being 1.70m-1.75m tall, wearing dark clothes and dark-color cotton gloves. The cashier said the cash drawer contained about 3,000 RON from the day’s ticket sales.

After the robbers fled, the 40-year-old cashier called the Police, with an operative crew being sent to the scene. Early investigations showed the locker being broken. A crowbar was found at the scene.

Although the booth was equipped with an alarm system and panic button, the cashier did not use either. No bystander was in the area, able to provide any information as to what happened.

Investigations are underway towards identifying, apprehending the perpetrators and, hopefully, recovering the stolen money.

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