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December 8, 2022

Romanians in Canada will get pension for their work back home

Romanian citizens in Canada who worked in Romania too and paid the necessary social contributions will receive, when they retire, the pension corresponding to the length of their contribution to this state’s social system, cashing the money from the country of current residence.

The decision follows an agreement signed at the end of last year by Romania and Canada, regarding social security between the two countries. The document was sanctioned by the government yesterday,

“This refers to creating a legal frame joining Romania and Canada in what concerns social security, having as its main purpose the acknowledgment and addition of social contributions made on the territory of both states. This frame stipulates equal treatment, as well as the possibility of exporting social security contributions mentioned in the agreement. Up to now, a person who was entitled to a pension in Romania could not claim it in Canada and the other way round,” Labour Minister Mihai Seitan said during a government session, quoted by Mediafax.

Under the agreement, the terms of work in the two states will be added up when the pension is computed, thus avoiding the risk of failing to have the minimum term of contribution in one social security system.

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