Other weekend events

The best films from Anim’est to be shown
at Baneasa Drive-In

Short feature films awarded in the 2008 and 2009 editions of the Anim’est International Animated Film Festival will be presented, on Sunday, starting 19:30, in a free-entry special projection at the Baneasa Drive-In Cinema. The 26 short feature films awarded in the latest editions of the greatest film festival in Bucharest are an offer not to be missed during the first weekend of the season at the Baneasa Drive-In. They include films very much appreciated by the Anim’est audience, such as “The Phantom of the Cinema” (d. Eric van Scaaik, the Netherlands, 2009) and “The Employee”/ “El Empleo” (d. Santiago ‘Bou’ Grasso, Spain, 2008) – winners of the 2009, respectively 2008, Anim’est Award, the German short features “Post!” (d. Matthias Bruhn, Christian Asmussen, 2008) and “A Sunny Day” (d. Gil Alkabetz, 2008) – winners of the Audience Award, or the spectacular videos “Heart’s a Mess” (d. Brendan Cook, Belgium, 2008), “The Parachute Ending” (d. Steve Scott, 2009) and “Mexican Standoff” (Falling into You), directed by the famous Bill Plympton, a double-Oscar nominee.

Tara von Neudorf
at Anaid Art Gallery

An exhibition titled “A History in the Dark”, signed Tara, will be opened at the Anaid Art Gallery, between April 8 and May 7. According to the curator, Diana Dochia, “A History in the Dark” announces another angle of the artist’s work, continuing the series initiated by the projects “Finis Mundi” and “Into the Night of Loneliness”, as Tara passes from maps and objects found in Transylvanian churches to botanical, zoology and anatomical charts. “The finding of maps in the Finis Mundi project or of a great number of didactic charts of botany, zoology, anatomy, in A History in the Dark represent merely a pretext by which Tara may imagine an eternity of darkness in the world. The deep, dark hachure reflects the opposition between a boundless affection for the subjects approached and the monstrosity described. An irrepressible, solitary, inquisitive and restless spirit, that transgresses any interdictions, Tara finds peace only at Engelthal (The Valley of Angels) – the only idyllic space in the exhibition”, Diana Dochia argues.

Contemporary dance, films and poetry nights at CNDB

The Bucharest National Dance Centre (CNDB) will host two performances in April. The audience may feast on “Loss – Layers” (France) and “Manteau long en laine marine porté sur un pull à encolure détendue avec un pantaloon peau de pêche et des chaussures pointues en nubuck rouge” – Delgado Fuchs (Switzerland/ Belgium). The first performance explores the idea of loss caused by a hostile world, while the second proves that the parts of choreographer and dancer are never radically different, but, on the contrary, complementary. The young choreographer Andreea Tanasescu will present, on April 10 and 11, her latest creation, “Exil in pamantul uitarii”/ “Exile in the land of oblivion” – an interdisciplinary performance, created by juxtaposing different art forms (dance, drama, visual arts). CNDB also offers to those interested a film night. On April 13, they are invited to “Requiem for a metamorphosis”, by Jan Fabre.

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