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March 23, 2023

Media: Minister Videanu got dreamy land strip from Orthodox Church

Friday’s edition of ‘Jurnalul National’ daily newspaper reports that Economy Minister Adriean Videanu built his house on the bank of the Snagov lake, one of the most coveted residential areas around Bucharest, on a 5,400 sqm land concession for 99 years for which he paid a mere EUR 11,000 while mayor of Bucharest. Videanu got this great bargain from the land’s owner, the church of Ciofliceni, with the nod from the Metropolitan Church of Muntenia and Dobrogea, the Bucharest Archdiocese. According to the paper, the former mayor, in his turn, sped up the issuance of authorizations for the construction of the Romanian People Salvation Cathedral. This piece of information was first published by Cornel Nistorescu on cotidianul.ro, who wrote that not even an year passed since Videanu got the land concession that the Bucharest City Hall General General Council announced its passage of the zonal urbane plan for the land on which the cathedral were to be erected.

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Gabriela Bogdan