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March 23, 2023

Teacher negligence blamed for pupil’s death

Police and the School Inspectorate are investigating the death of a fifth grader enrolled at a school in Orastie, Deva County. The pupil died only a few days after suffering a head trauma in an accident in which one of his colleagues was involved, Mediafax informs.

The parents of the deceased 12-year-old pupil have filed a complaint on Tuesday within the Hunedoara County School Inspectorate, asking for the pupil involved in their son’s accident to be penalized by having his disciplinary grade lowered and for the class master to be fired for not informing them about the incident despite being aware of it. ‘The children were playing in the classroom during the break. From what the other children’s parents told me, another child insisted on showing my reluctant son a fighting technique he had seen on TV. He dropped him on his head.

The other children picked him up and took him to his seat. A girl told the class master about the incident, with the class master calling the boys at the teachers’ office. She probably reprimanded them. Anyway, my boy said nothing about the incident at home,’ Angela Heius, the boy’s mother, stated. In his turn, the child’s father stated that the boy was probably afraid to tell them about the incident after he was reprimanded by the class master.

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