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November 29, 2022

Young man claims Moldavia and Walachia in court

A young man based in Suceava was in court the other day as a plaintiff in a civil action taken against the Senate, Chamber of Deputies, State, Presidency and Government back in 2007. He is re-claiming the entire province of Moldavia because his grand-mother had told him he was the heir of ruler Stefan cel Mare. So he thought that, in these ‘modern times’ when everybody claims something, he, too, could ask the court to order the state to appoint him manager of all public estates in Moldavia and ‘even in Walachia, if possible’. The young man seemingly took the historic declaration made by Stefan cel Mare 500 years ago seriously: ‘Moldavia is not mine, nor yours, but it belongs to the followers of our followers’.

Mediafax says Cornel Cernoschi has even tried to register in court the Union of Romanians Who Do Not Vote (UPCNVDR). The Bucharest Tribunal declined the request for failure to identify its legal purpose. Cernoschi is a claimant in six other lawsuits pending in the Bucharest Tribunal. Each such legal claim with subsequent proceedings involves a public cost of over RON 1,500, as well as the many hours of work judges and court staff put in. And he is not the only case. Judges say there are dozens of people who have made a purpose in life of filing lawsuits for which no stamp fee is charged.

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