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March 24, 2023

Geoana and Ponta argue over PSD debts

On Saturday, former PSD President Mircea Geoana accused current Social-Democrat leader Victor Ponta that, because of his political inexperience he used ‘inappropriate’ expressions while referring to the debt the party had when he took over its leadership.

In reply to Ponta’s statements on the party’s debt, Geoana wrote on his blog that ‘Victor Ponta’s approach and expressions are unworthy of the party.’ Geoana claims that Dragnea, Mitrea and Hrebenciuc are responsible for the EUR 2 M debt. The former PSD President warns he will not accept the ‘childish’ charges voiced against him when it comes to PSD’s debt despite the fact that they are camouflaged by lack of experience. At the same time Geoana complained that PSD remains ‘the prisoner of endless internal debates’. ‘It is a sign of lack of elegance and dignity for these issues, issues that have to do with party life, to be settled in the press. I understand the need for media exposure and the preoccupation with it, but I cannot accept childish accusations despite being camouflaged by the excuse of lack of experience,’ Geoana warned, his remarks hinting at statements made by PSD President Victor Ponta. In reply Ponta invited Geoana to attend the Permanent National Bureau meeting scheduled at the party’s headquarters today and ‘to stop writing so much on his blog.’ ‘If he comes here more often he will have fewer reasons to write on that blog,’ Ponta said.

PSD has a debt of almost EUR 2 M incurred after the latest election campaigns. Victor Ponta claimed that a significant part of the responsibility for incurring this debt belongs to former PSD leader Mircea Geoana. In order to cut some of the expenditures Ponta has decided to conduct an audit and has sacked a part of the personnel working within the party’s central headquarters, has eliminated phone subscriptions and cars. Ponta also stated for ‘Gandul’ daily that he will put Geoana and Aristide Roibu, the party’s treasurer, face to face in order for them to clarify what they signed and how the debt should be paid.

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