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June 26, 2022

Romanian art abroad

Five artists exhibit at Pompidou Centre in Paris

Works signed by Romanian artists Ion Grigorescu, Dan Perjovschi, Ciprian Muresan, Mircea Cantor and Daniel Knorr are currently exhibited at Pompidou Centre in Paris. The exhibition is meant to celebrate 20 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall and it brings together 50 artists, coming, mostly, from Central and Eastern Europe. The title of the exhibition – “Promises of the Past, 1950-2010. A Discontinuous History of Art in Former Eastern Europe” – takes on a notion proposed by the German philosopher Walter Benjamin (1892-1940), who analyzed history as a succession of discontinuous events. This exhibition ponders on the old European East/ West opposition, re-examining the history of countries in the Communist Bloc, and is accompanied by a series of conferences and projections of recent and archive films. The exhibition will be open to the public between April 14 and July 19, ICR Paris informs.

Reading shows to promote literature in the US

A programme to promote Romanian literature in the United States will initiate a monthly series of reading shows of Romanian contemporary texts (from drama to poetry, prose or film scripts) interpreted by American actors, with the participation of Romanian and American directors. The initiative originates with ICR New York and consists in re-launching the programmeme “Reading the Tea Leaves”, presented within the ICRNY/ Carturesti book exhibition. This programme, curated by the director Ana Margineanu, will start on April 19 with the reading show “Eu cand vreau sa fluier, fluier/ If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle” by Andreea Valean, directed by Ana Margineanu. The play, written in 1998, marked a turning point in the new dramatic literature in Romania. The show will be followed by a talk with the author Andreea Valean, currently in New York on a residency programme at LARK Play Development Center, which allowed her to complete and present her latest dramatic text, “Don’t Cry, We’ll All Meet on the Other Side”.

Events at the London Book Fair

An extraordinary concert given by Maria Raducanu and Maxim Belciug, and the Kombinat photography exhibition by Serban Bonciocat, mark Romania’s participation in the London Book Fair, to take place between April 19 and 21, which will be attended by Romanian and British book editors, journalists, architects and artists, as well as the London public interested in Romanian literature, photography and music.

The concert, which will take place on April 21, will include Elizabethan serenades, French vaudeville, Italian madrigals, Romanian and Russian romances, interpreted in an original manner, between the classical and the contemporary, by the two musicians, ICR London informs. The exhibition “Kombinat: Ruins of the Golden Age” presents large-sized photographs made by Serban Bonciocat for the album of the same title published by Igloo in 2007, in the collection Igloo heritage. The photographs illustrate a less known post-communist reality: the industrial sites of Hunedoara, Calan, Calarasi, Zlatna, Copsa Mica, Babadag and Valea Calugareasca, which are in an advanced state of degradation –monsters of eroded concrete and rusty iron dating from the late socialist economy. The perspective is an aestheticizing one: the photographer managed to capture extremely intense images, beautiful once they are devoided of the meanings of concrete history. According to ICR London, the exhibition will be opened by the British writer and journalist Anthony Daniels (penname Theodore Dalrymple), author, among others, of the book “The Wilder Shores of Marx”.

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