Syda’s father – board member in Petrom, Eximbank

Another scandal is about to blow concerning Elena Basescu’s boyfriend Bogdan Ionescu. An investigation journalist reveals his father holds administration board seats in companies such as Petrom and Eximbank, where the state owns a major stake.

On her investigation blog, former ‘Evenimentul Zilei’ journalist Emilia Sercan claims Gheorghe Ionescu, father of Bogdan “Syda” Ionescu, the President daughter’s fiancé is a good friend of economy minister Adriean Videanu. One year ago, Sercan claims, immediately after the Democrat- Liberals seized full power and Videanu was appointed minister, Gheorghe Ionescu was given an administration board position as representative of the ministry in Petrom, the oil company where the Romanian state still has a significant number of shares. Syda’s father had been a member of Petrom board before, between 2006 and 2007, as a representative of the former Democrat Party. According to undisclosed sources within Petrom, Gheorghe Ionescu is currently paid an annual EUR 20,000 from this position.

Also, according to the same investigation blog, Ionescu is a member of the Eximbank board, another company where the state has a large share percentage.

An official release from the Economy Ministry explains the reason for this choice ‘through the fact that Mr. Ionescu has had experience as board member in Petrom.” An administration board to such a huge company is mainly involved in the most important decisions regarding investment, budget, and partnerships and actively decides the employees’ contract.

Also, according to Emilia Sercan, after placing his friend on high positions, Minister Videanu also took care of his son, Bogdan Ionescu, nicknamed Syda, who, according to tabloids will become the President’s son-in-law this summer. In the beginning of March, Syda was helped to earn an advisor’s job in the Economy Minister, and three weeks after, he was on the verge of being appointed (by contest) a position in Romania’s Paris Embassy as commercial envoy. Following speculation in the media his job contest was arranged, Syda resigned. According to the same investigation blog, the Ionescu family has gathered significant wealth over the years, currently they own 1,000 square meters of land and a 600 square meter house outside Bucharest, an apartment in Unirii Area and 2.6 hectares of commercial land.

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