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June 28, 2022

President sues Social-Democrat MP for slander

President Traian Basescu sued Social-Democrat MP Mugurel Surupaceanu and asks for the symbolic RON 1-amount of damages, following the latter’s statement, in a February 14 press conference, that the government and presidency encourage and support the use of light drugs. A Bucharest sector 5 Court will discuss the president’s claims on September 29.

According to the charges pressed on March 31, Basescu asks for symbolic damages worth RON 1, but also for the publication of the court ruling in the newspapers which featured Surupaceanu’s statements. The PSD deputy commented, on Thursday, that president Basescu’s action of suing him is “embarrassing and demeaning, an insult to society.”

The PSD Deputy’s response followed soon after news emerged of Basescu’s legal action. “Fully confident in my capacity to win this trial, I am eager to be given the opportunity to plead my cause in public, bringing the arguments and evidence I possess. That aside, I find his (president Traian Basescu) action of suing me embarrassing and demeaning, given the amount of RON 1 I’m required to pay as damages. I consider Traian Basescu’s gesture an insult to our society, which has a lot more to lose from the use of drugs among youth. I know an election campaign has its costs, but these should be infinitely lower than our lives and safety. I know, equally well, that, in such a situation, the only process a man of character and state should initiate is a process of conscience,” is stated in a release signed by Surupaceanu.

Late last year, a report on the risks and social inequities by a presidential commission fully endorsed by President Basescu proposed the legalisation of the prostitution and of the use of light drugs, as a measure to bring to the light the drug smugglers.

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