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April 16, 2021

Romania, third in Europe as regards people’s bank loan preference

Romania ranks third in Europe, in a chart based on population’s preference for bank loans. Nearly a quarter of Romanians resort to loans, though little over half the total number of citizens are actually using bank products, finds a survey by GFK. According to the survey, about 56 pc of Romanians aged over 15 are using at least one bank product, which ranks the country 13th among European states covered by the analysis, one place ahead of Bulgaria. The first two places are held by Slovenia (with a 100 pc bank product penetration rate) and Austria (98 pc), followed by Croatia and the Czech Republic, with 90 pc each. In terms of preference for credits, 26 pc of Romanians resort to this financing method, the same as in Hungary and a place behind the leader Slovenia – where 32 pc of the population proved to be interested in loans. In March 2010, 18 pc of Romanians had consumer credits (mortgage loans excluded), down 4 percent points from January, while housing credits stood at just 4 pc. Referring to their intention to take a loan in the next 12 months, 4 pc of Romanians plan to resort to consumer credits, and only 1 pc will resort to housing loans. Meanwhile, 11 pc of subjects said they are using savings products.

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