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May 24, 2022

Romanians celebrate Saint George Festival

According to the Folk Calendar, the end of April until the beginning of May (April 22 – May 1st) is a time for a typical rejuvenation scenario, which has as central celebration the so-called ‘Sangiorz’ (in Transilvania and Banat) or Saint George (in Oltenia, Muntenia and Moldavia). Sangiorz is a divinity of vegetation, protector of horses, cattle, sheep and sown crops, identified with an old local god – the Thracian Knight – upon whose image the Christian Church superimposed that of Saint George. According to statistic figures released by the Ministry of Administration and Interior (MAI), almost a million Romanians celebrate their patron saint on Friday. MAI data show that almost 800,000 of those who celebrate their patron saint on Friday are men, of which nearly 600,000 are named Gheorghe or Ghiorghe, and 150,000 are called George. Up to 25,000 bear the name variants Gheorghita or Ghiorghita. For women, the most widespread name variant is Georgeta (nearly 138,000), followed by Gheorghita or Ghiorghita (almost 38,000), and Geta (some 15,000).

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