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October 23, 2021

Antonescu: Boc is a political illiterate

National-Liberal Party (PNL) leader Crin Antonescu said, on Saturday, during the National Conference of Liberal Student Clubs (CSL), that prime-minister Emil Boc is a “political and constitutional illiterate”. “Even if he teaches constitutional law, the prime-minister of Romania is a political and, obviously, constitutional illiterate. If the ruling party brought to full maturity vices inherited from the communist regime and bred even on the soil of liberty, our duty is to start things over, to understand our own share of responsibility in Romania’s current state, because we are all responsible for it,” Antonescu said, in the National CSL Conference. The PNL leader addressed the participants, paraphrasing Varujan Vosganian, who had said, before him, that being young is being undisciplined, explaining that “un-discipline” must operate according to certain criteria and that, in order to be undisciplined, “you have to afford it”.

Antonescu warned young Liberals against joining the ranks of poorly-educated politicians. “Romania is a country in which, the more doctors in various disciplines there are (…), the less knowledge there is. (…) If you don’t study enough, you risk spreading one of the worst diseases of Romanian politics, joining the ranks of poorly-educated politicians,” Antonescu said to the participants.

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