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Romanian films
at IndieLisboa 2010 Festival

“Amintiri din Epoca de Aur”/ “Tales from the Golden Age”, “Muzica in sange”/ “Music in the Blood”, “Palmele”/ “The Palm Lines”, and “Oxigen”/ “Oxygen” are the Romanian films selected in the seventh edition of the IndieLisboa 2010 Film Festival, to take place in Lisbon, between April 22 and May 2. “Amintiri din Epoca de Aur”/ “Tales from the Golden Age”, written by Cristian Mungiu, who also co-directs it, together with Hanno Hofer, Razvan Marculescu and Ioana Uricariu, will participate in the “Observer – feature films” section, and is to be shown on Tuesday. “Muzica in sange”/ “Music in the Blood”, directed by Alexandru Mavrodineanu, was included in the “Emerging Cinema – short feature films” selection, to be shown on Saturday and Monday. “Palmele”/ “The Palm Lines”, by George Chiper, and “Oxigen”/ “Oxygen”, by Adina Pintilie, were selected in the “International competition – short feature films” section. Chiper’s film will be presented in two sessions, on Tuesday, April 27, and Friday, April 30, while the one signed by Adina Pintilie will be shown on Saturday, April 24. At the invitation of the festival organizers, and with the support of ICR Lisbon, Romanian directors Hanno Hofer, Adina Pintilie and George Chiper will attend IndieLisboa 2010.

“The Cherry Orchard”, to premiere at TNB

A representation of Chekhov’s “The Cherry Orchard”, directed by Felix Alexa, will premiere on Sunday, at 19:00, on the stage of the Bucharest National Theatre (TNB), the institution informs, in a release remitted, on Friday, to AGERPRES. The cast includes Maia Morgenstern, Serban Ionescu, Marius Manole, Irina Movila, Ana Ciontea, Ileana Olteanu, Ioana Anastasia Anton, Razvan Oprea, Marius Rizea, Mihai Calota, Conrad Mihai Mericoffer and Mircea Albulescu. The masterpiece of one of the major world playwrights, presented on stages all over the world, Chekhov’s play is considered to be the symbol of a changing world, depicting a waning age, just as it is to be replaced by another. “A play surprisingly modern, projected in an original, unconventional orchard, built upon a dialogue between contraries, which interweaves comedy and drama, ‘The Cherry Orchard’ defies time. At 150 years since the author’s birth, the play maintains, unaltered, its contemporariness and force,” representatives of the Romanian National Theatre comment upon their latest production.

The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu, selected hors concours at Cannes

Autobiografia lui Nicolae Ceausescu/ The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu – the documentary that closes the trilogy comprising Videograme dintr-o Revolutie/ Shots of a Revolution (1992) and Rupt de present/ Away from the Present (1995), by director Andrei Ujica – was selected hors concours, at the Cannes Film Festival. The documentary is made exclusively of archive footage, obtained from the National television and the National Film Archive, and includes the moment of the Ceausescus’ trial, in December 1989. The documentary also includes shots which were never shown before – cut by censors, researched and selected by Titus Muntean. Over a thousand hours of recordings were watched in order to make this documentary.

Exhibition of inter-war
and communist ads, at ICR

The exhibition “From Sublime to Ridiculous. 70 years of advertising in Romania” will be opened on Thursday, April 29, at the Romanian Cultural Institute. The exhibition, created by Ancuta-Lacrimioara Chis and Udi Bodiceanu, professors at the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, includes reproductions of Romanian advertising posters and layouts since the end of World War I to the fall of the communist regime. The encounter between inter-war luxury and proletarian utility, invitations launched by Bally, Sache or Mociornita to purchase certain products and the Ministry of Industry, Petrol and Chemistry, which “is in charge of supplies”, humorous rhymes and appealing slogans – “When you have a stomach ache,/ Take some pills and have a break,/ As you learn your A-B-Cs,/ Koprol helps you find some peace.” (Ideal chocolate purgative), and “Enchanting as the sea may be,/ Zarea (horizon)’s full of mystery!” (Champagne, the elixir of good cheer and eternal youth) -, all these offer an insight into the ways in which different generations were lured to consume commodities, and, even more: advertising tells tales about people, mentalities, attitudes which, as we look backwards in time, shock or make one nostalgic. International brands vs. enterprises bearing passionately-daring titles will delight those who undertake this experience of contrasts: two artistic and ideological typologies, which seem to embody two different worlds. However, they represent the same Romania, seen throughout seven decades, by means of advertising. The exhibition will be open between April 29 and May 20, 2010. Entrance is free, ICR announces.

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Chivu, spectacular goal for Inter

Inter Milan’s fullback Cristian Chivu scored a spectacular goal for his team on Saturday. The Romanian player scored against Atalanta in the 77th minute, sealing the game’s final score: 3-1. Thanks to this result Mourinho’s Inter tops the Italian league with a two-point advantage over AS Roma. The latter however has an extra game to play. Cristian Chivu was part of Inter’s starting lineup in leg 35 of Serie A.

Chess World Cup: Topalov 1 – Anand 0

The chess game counting for the world title started on Saturday in Sofia. Veselin Topalov, the hosts’ favorite, won the first match against world title holder Anand after a remarkable attack that forced Anand to resign on move 30. Topalov, renowned for his aggressive style, sacrificed a light piece on move 24, the ease with which he did that suggesting that he had prepared a strategy. The game will consist of 12 matches.

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Craiova motorist drives his car straight into a bar

A young driver from the town of Craiova lost control of his vehicle, hit a roadside billboard and was projected into a bar through the front window. Several customers were injured by broken glass, while the passenger on the front seat of the car suffered superficial wounds and was sent to hospital. Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured in the crash. The accident occurred on European Road 70, at the entrance in Craiova. The driver was not under the influence of alcohol, but he took his driving license less than a year ago. Now he must pay for the damage to the bar, whose surveillance camera caught the whole incident on tape.

Romanian soldier injured
in Afghanistan

A Romanian soldier was injured in Afghanistan on Friday, when a Romanian-Afghan column of vehicles patrolling the A1 Kandahar-Kabul motorway was attacked with an improvised explosive device, the Defence Ministry announced. According to the ministry, PFC George Tircomnicu suffered a head concussion, which however did not threaten his life, and he is well now. The column included Piranha and Humvee APCs of the 33rd Battalion and an Afghan police vehicle. None of the armoured patrol vehicles was damaged in the blast.

Maria Basescu vs. Elena Udrea
in ‘best woman in politics’ award

President’s wife Maria Basescu and Minister Elena Udrea are vying against each other in this year’s Business Woman Gala, for the category Best Woman in Politics, Mediafax informs. The gala will name who of them is the winner on April 26, organizers, The Marketer Group say, quoted by Mediafax. “We have thought we should place face to face two different politician models, Minister Udrea, an exuberant, action-woman model who is not afraid of generating controversies and Romania’s first lady Maria Basescu, an example of class, discretion and diplomacy,” said Alexandru Raducan, founder of The Marketer Group. Raducan also expressed his admiration for Elena Udrea, who, he says, is the best minister in Boc Government, “an action-woman who is not complaining but instead attracts a lot of funds for her ministry.” The group’s founder also has a word for those who could consider Maria Basescu cannot basically be consider a politician. “We consider she has had a decisive role in her husband’s success in getting a second presidential mandate. She has proven her class. And if you should say she is not a politician, it means you haven’t understood anything of politics.” The April 26 event will be hosted by Athenee Palace Hilton and will also include the launch of the yearly catalogue “33 Romanian Business Women Hall of Fame”, the fourth edition.

Director Sergiu Nicolaescu underwent surgery at Floreasca Hospital

Sergiu Nicolaescu was checked in on Saturday at Floreasca Emergency Hospital, where he underwent a minor surgical intervention. The director fell on the stairs and hit his head. According to the doctors, director Sergiu Nicolaescu’s health condition is stable.

Spokesperson for the hospital, Bogdan Oprita, MD, said that the director was conscious, but needed to remain in hospital for some minor investigations. In 2008, the director underwent two brain surgery interventions, because of a haematoma caused by a fall down the stairs.

Armed conflict in Capital’s Berceni area

Six persons were involved, the night of Friday to Saturday, in a scandal caused by a protection tax, which took place in Bucharest’s Berceni neighbourhood, and in which guns and bats were used. Christian Ciocan, spokesperson for Bucharest Police, stated, on Saturday, for Mediafax, that three persons fought three others, belonging to a rival gang, in the street. The windows of a house and of a car were smashed during the confrontation, in which a rubber-ball gun was shot. Owners have not, as yet, pressed charges related to the incident. According to Ciocan, the police identified the six thugs, but, for the moment, no arrests have been made. Police officers opened, however, a criminal case, for public disturbance.

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Voicu to stay behind bars for another month

The High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) decided to extend the bench warrant issued for the senator Catalin Voicu by another 30 days. Voicu was arrested on March 30. Nevertheless, he did not spend a single day in the Criminal Investigations prisons, being warded at the Jilava Penitentiary Hospital. During this time, Catalin Voicu petitioned on several occasions for release, using almost all available procedures to repeal the National Anti-corruption Directorate prosecutors’ warrant for his 29 days’ preventive arrest

The judge Florin Costiniu and businessmen Marius Locic and Costel Casuneanu were also taken into preventive custody in the Voicu case. However, they were released, after the judges ruled in favour of their appeal.

Guru Bivolaru, acquitted

Gregorian Bivolaru, the leader of the Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute (MISA), was cleared of some of the charges, after the crimes he was accused of were prescribed. The case in which the MISA leader was trialled was moved, at his request, from Bucharest to Sibiu, in January 2005. He was acquitted on Friday by the Sibiu Court, facing charges of sexual perversion, sexual activities with an underage person and traffic of underage persons.

The court ruled also putting an end to the trial for illegal crossing of the Romanian border, “following the prescription of criminal responsibility”. The sentence is not final. It is subject to appeal. Gregorian Bivolaru is also under trial for traffic of human beings and seven other crimes in a case to be judged at Cluj. The MISA leader has been living for some years now in Sweden, where he was granted political asylum.

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Silviu Ionescu
sues Singapore, claims annulment
of bench warrant

The former Romanian chargé d’affaires in Singapore filed, on Friday, at the Bucharest Appeal Court, a suit against the state of Singapore, asking for the annulment of the international bench warrant issued in his name, in the case of the December 2009 accident, resulting in the death of a person.

“The official response of the Romanian Ministry of Justice, remitted to the Singapore authorities, was crystal clear, explaining that this warrant cannot be enforced. The motivation was in agreement with the Vienna Convention, on diplomatic ties, based on which I benefit from immunity against this bench warrant. It was, as well, pointed that there is not Extradition Agreement between the two countries, which was well-known to Singapore authorities, which leads me to think it was just another means of exercising pressure on Romanian justice and psychological stress upon me!”, Silviu Ionescu states in a release remitted to the press yesterday, quoted by Mediafax.

The Singapore Parliament will discuss, in today’s meeting, the measures that the state can take against the Romanian diplomat Silviu Ionescu, for his comments on the Singapore judiciary.

George W. Bush
to attend TV channel opening in Bucharest

Former US President George W. Bush will attend the launch of a news television in September. “Mr. Bush will come specifically for this television launch. The event will feature several themes, debates on various topics, leadership, defence, a security conference, there will also be a gala dinner with special guests,” said Adrian Thiess, the new television’s project coordinator, quoted by Realitatea TV.

According to Thiess, the former American president was also invited to the opening of ‘Puterea’ newspaper, part of the same media trust managed by Thiess, but a busy agenda did not allow him to honour the invitation. Thiess refused to disclose the name of the new TV, who will finance it and where does the money come from. He only said there are two options: either taking over an existing channel, or acquiring a new audiovisual license.

US Embassy –
concerned over
CC decision on ANI

The US Embassy voiced its concern over the consequences of the Constitutional Court’s decision on the National Integrity Agency (ANI) and welcomed the Romanian government’s intention to take measures that will restore the Agency’s full mandate, the embassy wrote in a press release on Friday. The embassy underlined that, in the past, it commended ANI on its positive contribution to the reform process and especially for its “crucial role” in fulfilling the four benchmarks of the European Union’s Mechanism of Cooperation and Verification. The embassy “welcomes the announcement that the Government of Romania plans to take action to restore ANI’s full mandate,” writes the release.

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