Buftea prosecutor accused of claiming EUR 8,000 bribe

Prosecutor Nelu Carpen, head of Buftea Court’s prosecutor office, in preventive arrest for corruption, claimed a EUR 8,000 bribe, through the lawyer Claudia Galceava, from two under-cover investigators, so as not to send them to court. According to Mediafax, the prosecutor supposedly asked for a bribe in exchange for giving investigators directions on how to act before the police, respectively, to annul the act to send them to trial and the fraudulent handling of evidence.

Moreover, the court points, the prime-prosecutor of Buftea Court, together with two ex-police officers, Mihail Visan and Gheorghe Cojocaru, supposedly formed an organised crime group, between July 2009 and March 2010. Investigators found that the three recruited persons under investigation were interested in getting a favourable ruling, for which they were willing to pay cash. The lawyer Adrian Zamfirachi – in preventive arrest together with Carpen – petitioned the High Court yesterday for the right of self-representation, as his appointed lawyer failed to attend the trial. The judging panel denied his petition.

Before the High Court magistrates who judged yesterday appeals to the decision for Carpen and Zamfirachi’s 29-day arrest, handed out last Friday by the Bucharest Court of Appeal, the former prosecutor said he “did not have the best of friends”, suggesting that the latter had supposedly made use of “his office” in influence peddling. These supposedly include Mihail Visan, apparently, one of those who turned in the prosecutor, with whom Carpen admitted having discussed on several occasions the rulings of some investigations. Carpen added that, in the course of time, he had been made several offers of cash either from friends or from unknown persons, in exchange for providing favourable solutions, which he declined. By the closing of this edition, the High Court was yet to rule.

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