Unionists announce new protest schedule

Trade unionists belonging to Cartel Alfa will organise, in the first half of May, a rally and a march around Parliament, for two consecutive days, when the Chamber of Deputies will vote on the pension bill. Cartel Alfa leader Bogdan Hossu said yesterday, at the end of the Confederate Committee meeting, that actions to organise the general strike announced for May are underway, and that at the moment, unionists are collecting signatures to initiate the protest. According to the Cartel Alfa leader, action will be taken in each county, following the announced calendar. The National Administration Federation will organise, on Thursday, a meeting at the government headquarters and will start a general strike on May 5. Moreover, the National Trade Union of Civil Servants will start a strike in May, but leader Sebastian Oprescu did not give an exact date. The Confederate Committee of Cartel Alfa met yesterday to set the protest calendar, voicing discontent with the three problems raised in the past months, respectively, the wages bill, the pension bill, and minimal wages. Cartel Alfa trade unionists started protests on March 10, with rallies and demonstrations throughout the country.

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