Boc ‘found money’ for PDL lawmakers

Under local officials’ pressure, PM and ruling Democrat Liberal Party leader Emil Boc guaranteed his party’s lawmaker that he will give them the EUR 18 M needed to keep their election campaign promises, daily ‘Evenimentul Zilei’ reported yesterday.

According to party sources, Boc vowed to pass two decisions in this week’s government session to allocate the money to PDL lawmakers. In exchange, the parliamentarians have to vote in favour of the budget law, the newspaper said. The publication also calculated that the price for each favourable vote to the law is in average EUR 70,000. But there are also constituencies that got up to EUR 160,000.

The money should have been allocated to constituencies in early March. Similar promises were made to lawmakers of the opposition Social Democrat and Liberal parties, but the promises were never carried out, the newspaper added. The money will be allocated through decisions supported by various ministries, however bypassing the Finance Ministry. Contacted by the publication, Finance Minister Sebastian’s adviser Viorica Rosca, said she could not give any information without seeing the official government decision.

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