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May 26, 2020

Lustration law gets Parliament committees’ nod

The Legal Affairs and Human Rights Committees of the Chamber of Deputies on Tuesday adopted with 22 votes ‘in favour’, one ‘opposed’ and six abstentions the report on the Lustration Law. PDL, PNL, UDMR and national minorities’ deputies were in favour of the report. The vote against came from PSD Deputy Florin Iordache. The other Social-Democratic deputies attending the meeting abstained.

In their report, the deputies tried to give a very clear definition of individuals who are the object of the Lustration Law as well as of the validity term of the interdiction to stand for election or to be appointed to public office.

‘We have tried to explicitly define members of the Romanian Communist Party or people who were part of PCR or former Securitate’s repressive apparatus. Those people may not be appointed or elected to a public office, with the note that those who are in that situation but have been elected as members of Parliament, mayors, local councillors or to any other elected public office will be allowed to serve their entire term and become subject to the ban after the expiration of their term in office, for a period of five years’ Legal Affairs Committee Chairman Daniel Buda (PDL) said after the adoption of the report.

After debates, Buda said he had submitted an amendment to prevent people who fall under law provisions may not work for Communism crime investigation institutes. Asked if Ion Iliescu, in his capacity as President of the December 1989 Romanian Revolution Institutive, could be affected by the amendment, Buda said he didn’t know. ‘The draft law was not against a certain person, it targeted categories of people who were on PCR’s repressive apparatus and who were rewarded for what they did. I cannot tell you if Mr. Iliescu is among them or not’, Buda said.

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