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June 21, 2021


Films selected by Cornel Porumboiu, shown at MTR

A movie selection by director Corneliu Porumboiu will be shown, between May 1st and May 3, at the Romanian Director’s New Cinema, within the Romanian Peasant’s Museum (MTR) in Bucharest, part of the “A director invites you to the cinema” programme. Porumboiu selected for Romanian film viewers three films directed by three important filmmakers in Argentinean, Mexican and Thai cinema, as well as an indigenous recent discovery, signed by Ana Lungu and Ana Szel. The Romanian director proposes the films “Lake Tahoe”, a drama directed by Fernando Eimbcke (Mexico, 2008), “Liverpool”, directed by Lisandro Alonso (Argentina, 2008) and a film by Thai director Apichatpong Weerasethakul – “Sud Sanaeha”/ “Blissfully Yours” (Thailand, 2002). The selection will close with a special projection, “Burta Balenei”/ “The Belly of the Whale” (Romania, 2010), in a preview, directed by Ana Lungu and Ana Szel. The projection will be followed by a debate with Corneliu Porumboiu and film critic Andrei Gorzo.

The first film directed by Dan Chisu,
hits big screens

“WebSite Story”, the first feature film directed by Dan Chisu, will be shown in theatres starting May 14, Transilvania Film announces, in a press release. Initially titled “Bang! You’re dead!”, the production was shot in Bucharest, in 12 days, on a budget of approximately EUR 120,000. “‘WebSite Story” is an experiment, a project based on the premise that a film on young people and their problems can only be true-to-life if you allow them the freedom of expression. I’ve brought together some people drawn by this challenge and gave them the freedom to create their characters, to define them,” the director of the film, Dan Chisu, said. The film, a Dakino Film production, tells the story of two teenage girls, Laura and Mira, who spend the night in a club. Laura gets drunk and smokes her first joint. In the morning she has no recollection of the night before and finds out her friend is dead. In shock, she wants to know the truth and finds, on YouTube, all postings made by Mira. Laura is filled with the wish for revenge and, thus, her adventure begins.

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FIFA standings: Romania ranks 28th

Romania’s national football team has climbed four slots in the FIFA nation standings, to 28th in late April. The team coached by Razvan Lucescu gathered 843 points, up 10 positions from February, when the national squad registered their lowest-ranking ever. Brazil returned to the top spot, switching places with Vicente del Bosque-trained Spain, France, Romania’s opponent in the EC 2012 qualifiers, fell two positions to 9th. Romania’s other opponents in the qualifies for the EC 2012 also went down in the FIFA chart – Bosnia, four slots, to 51st, Belarus, 1, to 81, and Luxemburg, three, to 127, save for Albania, up three positions, to 80.

Chess: Viswanathan Anand forces draw

After two decisive games in the first two rounds, a day’s rest had Veselin Topalov and Viswanathan Anand playing strong and solid moves in the third round of the World Chess Championship in Sofia. The game ended in a draw after 46 moves when the moves were repeated thrice. Topalov had proclaimed that he would neither offer draw nor accept an offer from his opponent in accordance with the Sofia rule while Anand had refused to play with this rule, citing “A World Championship should be played with World Championship rules.” Anand should be satisfied with his draw result, especially with the black pieces. Most top level players prefer to strike with Whites and stay content with draw while playing with black pieces. The 12-game match series is tied 1.5-1.5. On Tuesday, Anand opted for a solid line in the Slav Defence, a change from the sharp Grunfeld he played in the first game and ended on the losing side. For the first 13 moves, the players followed the Topalov versus Vladimir Kramnik game from their World Championship match at Elista in 2006 before Topalov deviated on the 14th turn. Both players did not castle in this game, keeping their King in the centre after trading queens early on the 10th move. Anand will play with the white pieces in the fourth round on Wednesday.

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18 children pricked with needle by schoolmate

Eighteen school children aged between 10 and 14 from the Vestem, Sibiu County, ended up in hospital after sustaining needlestick injuries at school on Tuesday, Realitatea TV informs. The authorities say an 8th class student pierced his colleagues with a needle from a sugar level measurement instrument he had found lying somewhere. The parents found out about the incident a while later and now fear percutaneous exposure to transmissible diseases. Sibiu Public Health Department has opened an investigation and all affected children were taken to hospital for blood tests. Until test results are returned, the children will receive preventive HIV therapy, following patients’ possible exposure to HIV or Hepatitis C.

High school students awarded by NASA

“Mircea cel Batran” National College, appointed, in 2009, the best high school in the country by the Ministry of Education, won seven prizes in the international orbital space settlement design competition organized by NASA, “Adevarul” reports in its yesterday edition. The students from Constanta found out, on Monday evening, that they had claimed two second prizes, two third prizes and three mentions in the NASA Ames Space Settlement Design Contest – the 2010 edition. “Our students amaze again,” the physics teacher Ioan Bararu, who has been coaching the teams in Constanta for the NASA competitions since 2004, says. This year’s projects consisted in planning miniature towns for specialist communities, to ensure the operation of orbital settlement stations and the livelihood of the population.

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