Playing with Fire – a chance to affirm Romania’s arts in Europe

The artist Paula Seling, who is to represent Romania at the 2010 Eurovision contest, accompanied by Ovidiu Cernauteanu – Ovi -, said, in an interview granted to AGERPRES, that her participation in the contest was an opportunity to gain recognition in international show-biz, as well as one to change the foreigners’ perception of Romania.

She says she would like the diplomats in charge of Romania’s external ties to realize the importance of Eurovision in European consciousness.

“Eurovision represents the opportunity and the challenge to rise to an international, European, level of show-biz. In the three minutes of one’s performance, you have to prove what you have proven in a career running along several years in Romania. Both the time before and during the contest is extremely important, because we will make contact with many people involved in this wide-scale event, with Eurovision fans, with people who may have a slightly deformed perspective of Romania, and our responsibility is to persuade them to no longer judge us all by one individual, one group or an incident”, the artist says, in the AGERPRES interview.

Here, the artist also mentions how she came to collaborate with Ovi, the story of the song and video which will represent Romania at Eurovision, her future plans, as well as the European tour to promote “Playing with Fire”.

Of the video shot in Vienna, Paula has only praise words:

“The song has a distinctive sound, which conjures up a world of the future. We shot in Vienna because, only in the making of the video, we needed a particular type of last-generation special effects (used for the first time in a Romanian video) – the “motion capture” technology, that is, a special, sensor suit, similar to the ones used in “Avatar”, by which a real character’s movements are transposed unto a 3D character (generated tri-dimensionally on a computer), in our case, the robots in the video, and the closest place to find the necessary equipment was Vienna. Approximately 60 people were involved in the making of the video.”

Romania’s representatives at Eurovision, Paula Seling and Ovi, will compete with the song “Playing with Fire”, number ten in Eurovision’s second semi-finals, to take place on May 27. The first semi-finals are scheduled on May 25, and the grand finals on May 29, in Oslo. Currently, the two Romanian artists are on a European tour to promote the song “Playing with Fire”, which started on March 29, in Moldova, and will end on May 10, in Portugal.

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